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Cheap kitchen cabinet solutions

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home. So why do so many people neglect this beloved hub in a house? Generally, it is because doing any renovation, whether it is fixing, adding or replacing parts of your kitchen can become very expensive very quickly! Wholesale Cabinets is here to solve that problem with our RTA (ready to assemble) cheap kitchen cabinets solution.

Just like an old car, it can often be cheaper to replace what you are currently driving with something brand new. We often hear horror stories of people who have undertaken a kitchen restoration project where they decide to repaint or resurface their kitchen cabinets or worktops. They get halfway through the project only to realize there is no saving what they currently have!

Form And Function In The Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchens form and function, the two most important aspects to think of are flexible kitchen storage cabinets, as well as an aesthetically pleasing landscape to work and relax in. Gone are the days of dingy shelving and dark cavernous cupboards - today we live in an age where functional is also beautiful!

Today’s modern family use their kitchen in many different ways. A specialty chef may need specific places to store ingredients, families with small children may prioritize safety cupboards above all else, people who love to entertain may want storage options for collections of glasses and table settings for different occasions. So, instead of trying to squeeze your needs into your old kitchen cabinets, why not design something that works for your needs today?

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With Wholesale Cabinets

It’s time to stop wasting time and money trying to fix your old kitchen cabinets and invest in the most used room in your house with some fabulously fantastic and cheap RTA kitchen cabinets.

Imagine waking up in the morning and making a pot of freshly brewed coffee in your completely renovated kitchen. Sitting there lazily on a Sunday morning, reading the paper and being surrounded by the love that only a kitchen can give. That’s what we are offering.

You may be thinking that a fresh coat of paint, different flooring, or even new appliances will give your kitchen the facelift it badly needs, however, nothing dominates a kitchen more than the cabinets that can be seen from ceiling to floor.

The kitchen cabinets that you choose will dominate the style and tone of your kitchen, so it is vital that you choose wisely. Think about the color, material, door type, detailing, hardware and size, because these aspects will make a statement and serve as the backdrop to the rest of your decor and appliances.

Need a Door Sample?

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Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Style

Whether you are planning a traditional or contemporary kitchen, being able to locate cheap kitchen cabinets is essential. Which is why we offer all of our styles online for you to browse, with the option to order a sample delivered straight to your door.

Your cupboard door style is one of the most important factors to consider when you are planning a new kitchen design. From kitchen storage to kitchen style, your kitchen cabinet doors will help you hide and highlight the right areas at the right time.

Choose from elaborate designs like our Princeton or Charleston style to the more modern feeling that comes from the Lancaster style in stone, or opt for the stunningly beautiful look that can be achieved with the classic white shaker cabinets or grey shaker cabinets. Wholesale Cabinets US has all of your cheap kitchen cabinet needs in one place.

An important aspect to consider is how your kitchen will need to evolve; how will the style of your kitchen cabinets grow and change as your life changes?

How Many Cabinets Do I Need?

Whether you are planning to remodel a kitchen, bathroom or utility room, one of the most significant considerations is always - how many cabinets do I need?

Planning the layout and design of your kitchen for an aesthetically pleasing look and feel is essential, but what is equally important is ensuring that you have enough space to store your possessions.

The answer to how many kitchen cabinets you need will vary from person to person, but you can be assured that WholesaleCabinets US has precisely what you need. From corner kitchen cabinets to mounted wall cabinets for your bathroom or utility room, we have everything you require to store and organize your space effectively.

We suggest that you start by cataloging all of the things that you need to store in your kitchen, bathroom or utility room, then choose a style from our range that you love. Once you have picked a style, you can see all of the dimensions and options we offer to make your new room a reality.


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The Color Of Your Kitchen Cabinets Will Affect Your Mood

The kitchen is the one place in your house where people always gather to socialize, relax, and catch up. You want to ensure that when you are choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets they are going to produce a positive attitude and stimulate appetites.


Blue is one of those colors that can be used effectively in any room of your house, it adds a touch of calmness and serenity to any room, and that is something to strive for in a kitchen. If you are looking to create a cottage style kitchen, blue is a color that will help highlight features, and evoke a feeling of country kitchen living.

White, Gray or Black:

All classic choices for a modern kitchen. If you choose to go with white, black or gray kitchen cabinetry, you are starting with a brilliant backdrop that can be changed and accentuated with appliances, art and accessories. It is a classic choice because it is always in style and can be changed with just a few quick updates. Pairing this look with our range of metal, brushed nickel handles will also elevate the look of your new kitchen to the next level.


Green is one of those colors that can make you instantly feel at peace, mainly because it is associated with harmony and balance. By using green in your kitchen, you are immediately making it more inviting, friendly, calm and peaceful. A green kitchen gives you the perfect backdrop for a balanced and inviting atmosphere.


Creating a stone look in your kitchen with stone finish kitchen cabinets is a great way to make your kitchen look strong, durable and robust, not to mention expensive. A stone look is modern yet timeless in appearance and will give your kitchen, bathroom or utility room a feel of lasting effortless class.


Wood is a classic choice for cabinetry in a kitchen because it is both traditional and homely. If you are trying to create a feeling of warmth and closeness in your kitchen, wood is definitely worth your consideration. You can create a country style look with a more detailed style cabinet in oak, or go for modern appeal with a contemporary and minimalist finish in maple for your cabinets.

Planning And Installing Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Once you have settled on the color and style of your new kitchen cabinets, it is time to plan the layout that you are going to use. WholesaleCabinets can help you with this too!

For every style and type of cabinet that you desire we have plenty of different dimensions for you to choose from. However, if you are not comfortable deciding between the range of different dimensions for your kitchen, bathroom or utility room, we can help make the planning and design easy for you.

We have state of the art design software that allows us to capture your ideas and turn them into plans and designs that will truly bring your ideal kitchen to life. By submitting a hand-drawn sketch of your kitchen, we can provide you with a detailed plan of what your new kitchen could look like - all within 24 hours.

Best of all, we provide this service for FREE. So whether you are just starting your planning journey with hand-drawn sketches, or you want to use another company’s design, we can transform both options in a personalized kitchen design of your dreams.

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